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Oris Counselling

Oris Counselling offers Self-esteem counselling, Anxiety counselling, Anger management counselling, Gay and Lesbian Support counselling, Life Transition counselling and Health Crisis/Health Recovery counselling. Counselling services are available in North Vancouver and West Vancouver, BC.

As well has having a general counselling practice, there are a few areas where I feel compelled to specialize.
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Oris is the Latin word for opening.

Opening to life, opening to new possibilities, opening to your dream!
As a teacher and a supervisor of counsellors, I would recommend Marie Hess as counsellor that leads with her heart, with direct insight, and a wonderful sense of humour.

Laura Bradley:
Clinical Director of Steadfast Counselling

For me, opening space in my heart allowed me to move away from my past and enabled me to create my present and future. This is something that is within everyone´s reach but being open is the only way to be in connection with others and ourselves.

Do you want to improve your life? I will, at your rhythm, help you to keep opening the door and learning to make new choices than can forever improve the quality of your life.


Empathy, Acceptance, Heart and Dignity

I value an atmosphere of empathetic acceptance of people in a manner that respects their dignity. These qualities are at the heart of my work and heart of every individual in a successful learning relationship.

It is sometimes difficult to feel joyful or to truly accept our own self-worth and yet without these qualities, it is almost impossible to experience healthy and happy relationships with our loved ones.
Marie ´s knowledge, patience, relentless focus, and gentle firmness pushed me to find my own strength and begin addressing the challenges during this turning point in my life. Thanks to her assistance I feel like I have the tools and energy to tackle whatever comes next.

Truth is...it is never too late!

Opening to a Better Life!

The experience of working and opening up with a therapist is like an invitation to walk forward to create a better life. I also offer counselling services in both English and French.

If you feel that Oris Counselling is the right place for you, contact me for more information. Ready to open yourself to a better life?
Exprimer ses profonds sentiments dans une langue étrangère peut-être un frein... Si le Français est votre langue maternelle Oris Counselling peut vous offrir ce moment ou la langue ne sera pas une barrière à la liberté de votre expression. Oris offre ses services en Français et en Anglais
(604) 813-5459
If you have made mistakes, even serious ones, there is always another chance for you. What we call failure is not the falling down but the staying down.
Mary Pickford